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Tapes on this list are no longer in production and are no longer available from any source. Unless indicated in the “Notes” below, we are completely out of stock on all of these items. We have no control over the tapes that are out-of-print. Only the copyright owner may re-release them. Since 1980, only four (4) tapes have been re-released and all four (4) tapes returned to the out-of-print list. The tapes on this list are not available, even by special order, and we do not expect them to become available ever again. Please do not call or email regarding these items because there is no way to get any of these products.

We provide this list to save you the time and effort of trying to contact us regarding these titles. In the event that a tape is re-released, we will list it on this site.

The following are out-of-print and no longer available unless noted below:

441001 ABC's Official 1980/84 Olympic Highlights Tape
441002 ABC's Official 1988 Olympic Highlights Tape
441003 Decade of Winter Olympics (441001 plus 441002)
441004 87 Tour of Olympic & World Champions
441005 The Olympiad Series: Great Moments of the Winter Games
441006 The Olympiad Series: The Immortals
441012 How to Skate with Tai & Randy
441019 ABC's Magic Memories on Ice
441025 1992 Olympic Figure Skating Competitions
441026 1992 Olympic 2-tape set (#441025 & highlights tape of other sports)
441029 The Cutting Edge I
441031 ABC's Magic Memories on Ice II
441032 1994 Olympic Figure Skating Competition & Exhibition Highlights
441033 Same as 441032, plus 3rd tape with other sports
441044 Kurt Browning: Jump
441045 Learn to Dance Vol. I
441046 Learn to Dance Vol. II
441049 Magic of Style - Volume III: Moves in the Field -VHS (
DVD Available)
441052 World Champions On Ice I (1991, 1992, 1993) - VHS
441054 World Champions On Ice: Forever Gold (1995) - VHS

441056 The Skating & Gymnastics Spectacular
441058 The Crystal Ball
441059 The Planets
441060 Promise Kept: Biaul Story
441062 Torvill & Dean: Face the Music Tour
441066 ABC Magic Memories on Ice
441071 Fairy Tales on Ice - Sleeping Beauty
441072 Kurt Browning: Life on the Edge
441077 1998 Olympic 2-tape set
441083 Snowden on Ice
441085 Snowden, Raggedy Ann & Andy Holiday Show
441087 1992 Olympic Figure Skating Exhibition Highlights

441128 Olympic Figure Skating: Greatest Performances (VHS ONLY)
441145DVD 3DVD Olympic Series

441047DVD Simply Skating: Explains the ISU Scoring System


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